Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who's going to enter UBC VFM contest?

[Originally posted January 9 in votermedia Google group.]

Here's the info I have so far about who's planning to enter the VFM contest. Please note these are not confirmed entries, just talk I have heard about people's plans. Last I heard, no one had yet paid the $100 entry fee, submitted a registration form, and been approved by the Elections Committee. Once that happens, their info should appear at or .

1. The Knoll (newspaper) - see

2. Gina Eom and Tim Louman-Gardiner.

3. Stephanie Ryan (and someone?).

4. The Underground (Arts Undergrad Society newspaper) - see

5. The 432 (Science Undergrad Society newspaper) is considering entering - see

6. A group of UBC School of Journalism students.

7. Heard something about two students planning a magazine called "Election Erection" - gotta see that!

The Ubyssey is not planning to enter. As I understand it, one reason is that they cover the election anyway.

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