Wednesday, August 1, 2007

UBC VFM Progress

UBC’s student union is leading the way again this year on implementing voter-funded media. Their 2007-2008 VFM Committee met for the first time on July 26. Participants –

Committee Members:
Chair – Matthew Naylor, UBC AMS VP External
Stephanie Ryan, Arts Undergraduate Society President
Bruce Krayenhoff, AMS Council Grad Studies Rep
John Kneeshaw, UBC Engineering student, Member-At-Large

Mark Latham, VFM sponsor & advisor
Western Washington University Associated Students President Ramiro Espinoza and VP Activities Aaron Garcia (They’re interested in implementing VFM at WWU!)
Karen Liu, UBC Math student

Matt set a goal of September 12 for the committee to report back to AMS Council with a specific motion on VFM.

Key issues they will be working out soon:

1. What should the voting structure should be? And linked to that, should the committee slice the prize pie (if so how) or let the voters slice it? [Last year the committee sliced the $8,000 pool into 8 prizes, allocated by approval voting.]

2. Should there be separate prize pools for established media and for new media? [Last year there was just one pool.]

3. Who can enter? [Last year: anyone but electoral candidates, Elections Committee and Student Court.]

4. Entry fee: Have one or not? If so how much? If not, what other way to limit number of entries? [Last year: $100.]

5. VFM contest administration: by just one person, the VFM Administrator? Or aided by a committee? [Last year: One VFMA, reporting to Elections Committee.]

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