Monday, July 6, 2009

You can now vote at new Global Voter Media Platform

We've just released the first beta version of, where you can now vote on media that cover Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Iran, Microsoft, CBC etc etc. It's designed to have a page of voter-ranked media (blogs and others) for each voter community in the world. You can add new communities and new media to this voting system.

There's more explanation on the site's FAQ page, and in the paper "Global Voter Media Platform" at

Come and help reform our governments, corporations and other large organizations!


Anonymous said...

Wow! The new site is really confusing.

Please bring back the old site -- it was much more straight forward. Or hire a professional designer.

Mark Latham said...

Thanks Anon for the frank feedback! We agree the new site needs a design makeover. It's high on our to-do list. We'd welcome any specific advice too.

Mark Latham said...

PS: Then I discovered our Search box wasn't working today (fixed now). That must have made it hard for Anon to use the site. (We still need a design makeover though!)