Monday, July 12, 2010 tally & archive system revamped

Today I released a significant overhaul of the tally & archive routines. The main tally algorithm (that calculates award shares based on votes) has not significantly changed, but:
  • Time zones: We now use a midnight cutoff in each community's time zone. However, a community spanning multiple time zones may use a midnight cutoff in its latest (western-most) well-populated time zone, so many communities use Pacific time.
  • If our server is down when it tries to tally, instead of leaving a gap it will automatically fill that in, an hour later.
  • We now have fairer tie-breaking routines for cases when there are few votes.
  • It's now easier to recalculate awards for many past days. We've recalculated from 2010-04-01 to the present.
Please send me any questions or advice, to mark[at] Thanks!

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