Thursday, March 10, 2011

#ubcvotes #votermedia contest starting now! $1500 award pool

Win cash by blogging about the UBC undergrad society elections (Engineering, Arts and Science)! Engineering is already campaigning this week (see candidates list) and has an all candidates forum tomorrow (Friday March 11) at 3pm - 4pm in the Kaiser Atrium. Voting starts next Monday, March 14. Arts and Science are one week later.

Voting in these elections and on the votermedia (VFM) blogging contest will be on Webvote -- instructions here. Blogs entered will also be listed here. The contest coordinator is Rose Gambrel.

UBC students can enter their blogs by pasting this text with blanks filled in an email to mark[at] AND TO hb_t_[at]
Name of Blog:

Blog URL (web address): http://

I am the main editor of this blog. I hereby apply to enter it in the 2011 UBC Votes VoterMedia Competition. I agree to the contest rules below. I am a UBC student. I request that any award this blog wins in this contest be paid to me as the representative of the blog's contributors. My contact information is:




Mailing address:


1. Since there is no entry fee and we are still working out all the plans, we reserve the right to amend these rules. Any changes will be announced at Below are the current planned rules:

2. Any UBC student (including AMS Council members) can enter their blog in the contest with no entry fee.

3. All UBC Engineering, Arts and Science students will be eligible to vote in this contest via Webvote from March 14 through March 25, 2011.

4. There is no hard entry deadline, but we recommend entering as soon as possible, preferably by Friday March 11. We will try to add newly entered blogs promptly, but note that blogs added to the ballot on or after March 14 will start missing out on voters who have already voted by then.

5. The planned total award pool is $1500, and planned voting menu options are 0%, 10%, 20% and 30%.

6. The contest coordinator may require some basic minimum coverage of all three elections (Engineering, Arts and Science), for blogs to be eligible for awards.

7. The contest coordinator may require blogs to refrain from disrespectfully slandering candidates, especially in an over-the-top overt manner that causes the candidates extreme distress.

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