Monday, January 20, 2014

@Coast_Capital members please sign these #democracy reform resolutions @Comp_Watch

This is the last week for Coast Capital Savings Credit Union members to sign these 4 resolutions for restoring the board's accountability. We need 300 signatures to get them onto the March 2014 ballot, so that all members can vote on them. We have over 200, so getting close.

This is important because the Coast Capital board has been taking advantage of its power to overpay itself with members' funds. In 2011 they paid themselves more than double the pay of Vancity Credit Union's board -- details at

Members: Please print, sign, and return:


You can scan (or photograph) your signed resolutions and email them to, or fax to 604-542-9369, or mail to address on the form.

Please forward this to friends in Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island who may be members. Thank you!

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