Thursday, February 13, 2014

@Liberal_Party of #Canada Members' Voice Proposal #LPC

I’d appreciate your feedback on this 5-page draft: LPC Members' Voice Proposal

(Party members can comment on my post at Anyone is welcome to comment on this blog or by email to mark[at]

Summary –
- Here is something the LPC can do now to help win the 2015 election, by uniting Party members nationally in developing and supporting a consensus platform, while showing Canadians a credible commitment to democratic reform and accountability.

- Proposal: Let LPC members vote at to allocate $20 per day among competing Liberal blogs.

- A similar blog funding competition at UBC’s student union helped engage, inform and connect members with elected leaders — see video Votermedia at UBC

- This LPC blog competition can help generate ideas for future Liberal government policy. For example, nationwide voter funded media could engage and inform voters, broaden policy debate, enhance government accountability and reduce corruption.
My background: I’m a financial economist (cv: specializing in reform of democracies and corporations by improving voter information systems. This proposal would help increase engagement by members and voters, but its main goal is to ensure that those who do participate are better informed. The combination of funding plus voting by LPC members would generate new content on the top-voted blogs, and recognition by the LPC community that this content represents a broad consensus of members.

This follows up on my Dec 29 post on this blog: Why I joined the Liberal Party of Canada.