Saturday, April 11, 2015

Who I'm voting for in Vancity Credit Union election

Vancity Credit Union is having its annual election for board of directors. 3 seats are to be filled.

I'm voting for:
  • I haven't taken the time research the candidates in detail this year. If you know of any useful online reviews, please let me know.
  • I avoid the recommended candidates because recommendations entrench the controlling clique, as explained in this earlier post.
  • I have worked with Lisa Barrett on democratic reform, and think highly of her -- an easy first choice.
  • I like Man-kit Kwan's straightforward emphasis on the community of members as owners.
  • I like Vittoria DeMichina's personal history of pulling herself up by hard work.
Other info:
New independent website -- Vancity2015 Collaborative Democracy Wiki -- for sharing info on election candidates. Looks promising but still evolving towards being useful and convenient.
Vote by April 24 on Vancity website