Sunday, March 18, 2012

How I plan to vote in the Mountain Equipment Co-op election #MECelxn

[For 2013 MEC election endorsements see this 2013-03-18 post.]

[Post edited 2012-03-19 thru 2012-03-27 to reflect new info received.]

Breaking news 2012-03-21: Candidate Morrie Schneiderman has signed the Open Letter opposing the Special Resolution -- check it out at! So I changed my voting plans below:


I plan to vote for Drew Anderson, Mike Wearing, and Blair Hammond Morrie Schneiderman.

(I think Morrie Schneiderman Blair Hammond and Robert Campbell are also great candidates -- my 4th & 5th picks.)

I definitely plan to vote NO on the Special Resolution!

My main reason for the above votes: strengthening the connection between the board and MEC members. I asked all candidates their opinion on the Special Resolution. Opposing it is a major plus factor in my choice of who to vote for -- see Open Letter at

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vote NO on Mountain Equipment Coop Special Resolution @druojajay @mec

I am shocked that the directors of this great Canadian cooperative are proposing to give their appointed nomination committee veto power over any member nominees for director elections.

This blog post from Dru Oja Jay explains it well:
"...if any future board runs amok, it will be very difficult to displace them, because they can simply screen out any members which challenge their power."
Please vote NO on the MEC Special Resolution, and share this info with your friends. Thanks!