Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vote NO on Mountain Equipment Coop Special Resolution @druojajay @mec

I am shocked that the directors of this great Canadian cooperative are proposing to give their appointed nomination committee veto power over any member nominees for director elections.

This blog post from Dru Oja Jay explains it well:
"...if any future board runs amok, it will be very difficult to displace them, because they can simply screen out any members which challenge their power."
Please vote NO on the MEC Special Resolution, and share this info with your friends. Thanks!


Mark Latham said...

You can vote any time from now until March 29. I plan to post or comment later about the director election candidates.

Mark Latham said...

You can now sign "An open letter to MEC members" at Please vote NO on the MEC Special Resolution at -- deadline March 29, 2012.