Thursday, May 1, 2008

UBC VFM Results; new Vancouver city VFM

I’ve just finished tallying the votes in the UBC AMS media contest:
1st prize $250 – UBC Insider
2nd prize $200 – Devil’s Advocate
3rd prize $150 – University Affairs
4th prize $100 – The Knoll magazine
5th prize $50 – uVOTE

You can see detailed votes and tallies linked from

In the next week or so we can discuss the results and possible contest design changes. Then we’ll start accepting entries for the May 16 – June 30 contest period.

This month I’m launching a voter-media competition for Vancouver, testing a much more open system: No entry fee, and anyone can vote, starting now, as often as they want – Alex, this one’s for you! ;-) But don’t worry, I’m developing a statistical filtering algorithm. We’ll see how it goes…

Please suggest Vancouver media/blogs for me to add to the ballot. How about entering?! Info and ballot link at

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