Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome back Frances Bula

Today I did the weekly tally of votes in the Vancouver Election Blog Contest, and updated the ranking & awards shown on the ballot. I think the new voting system we’ve been using for two weeks now is working pretty well so far. What do you think? See also the tally spreadsheet and cumulative awards.

With this update I’ve added Frances Bula’s new independent blog to the ballot.


Chris said...

The results are turning more into a popularity contest then a reasonable measure of political blogs in Vancouver. Half of the blogs on the list have little or no political content, especially Vancouver municipal political content.

As much as I like Miss 604's blog, I can't remember the last time she wrote about anything regarding politics in Vancouver. The closest thing I can think of was a discussion of the smoking ban.

Same goes for Vancity Buzz.

The Vancouver Observer, Price Tags, and Paul Hilsdon have minimal municipal political content

Bill Tieleman and Walter Schultz focus provincial politics.

A general Vancouver blog like Beyond Robson or Metroblogging Vancouver has more political content then most of the blogs on the list.

Raul (hummingbird604) said...

I am the newest addition to the roster, for which I'm grateful. As for political content, I would ask one question and point out to one thing.

1) Is the contest purely for political blogs? That wasn't my understanding.

2) I am in no way, shape or form justifying my blog or my inclusion in the ballot, but I do write about Vancouver's public policy issues, particularly environmental policy.

I think that having a variety of blogs allows for the experiment to take place. As a social scientist myself, I can see how the experiment is developing and I'm curious to see the outcome.

Mark Latham said...

I've responded to the above two comments in this new post -- please continue the comment thread there.