Monday, September 15, 2008

Vancouver contest weekly update

Voters lifted new entrant Beyond Robson straight to the #1 spot and $150, the highest weekly prize ever awarded since this contest began in May. Congratulations to them!

See latest rankings and awards on the current ballot at

Some of our discussion from this earlier post is relevant to the current dramatic re-ranking.

Details of votes and award allocation method are on spreadsheets linked here.

Please welcome the next new contestant, added this week: Only Magazine.


Charles Menzies said...

Call me a curmudgeon- but I don't find the response for Beyond Robson either understandable or rational. I might even go so far as to say it's about pulling out the vote, note about the content. I understand Frances Bula and the Tyee, I kind of agree with Dave Ebby. Beyond Robsin is, well, beyond reason in my book.

It's an intersting and engaging site, but aside froma few recent comments the politics -escpecialy the local civic politcs is almost absent.

C'est la vie.

NPAorVision? said...

I have to agree with Charles on this one. Blogs such as Vancity Buzz should not even be on the list. I ventured to their site a few weeks ago and there was very little mention of politics. I don't know if they have any now but its unlikely. They seem to only care about idiotic things anyways.

sean orr said...

As the author of Morning Brew, I must respectfully disagree. Each morning we do a roundup of local news coverage, thus election coverage, with our one one-line punditry attached. Then there is this post about the Green Party, this about Woodwards, and these posts about the mayoral candidates. I'd say that we belong on here, and deserve to win. You're probably just one of the many jaded and miserable trolls I've shot down.

Vancity Buzz said...

FYI, actually Vancity Buzz bloggers do talk about politics. Quite often I might add. They had recent posts on Little Mountain redevelopment, cab licenses and the Mayor race in general.

Perhaps you should actually visit the blogs before you vote for them. Just a thought.