Friday, February 12, 2010

UBC Continuous VFM Award Winners

This morning we calculated the last day's award allocation in the continuous voter funded media competition for the University of British Columbia's Alma Mater Society. Cumulative awards from January 4 through February 12 are:

1. UBC Insiders: $724
2. UBC Spectator: $665.50
3. AMS Confidential: $314
4. The Radical Beer Tribune: $207
5. Social Capital: $88.50
6. Geoff's Place: $1
(Total: $2,000)

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all participating media and voters!

Voting will continue indefinitely, and if any individual or organization would like to fund this competition in future, we at will be happy to help administer it. We can manage the website ballot and award calculations. We can also manage payments, or a sponsor could pay the winners directly.

What do you think of continuous VFM so far? How could we improve it? Please comment here or on the ballot or email mark[at]

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