Saturday, January 4, 2014

@modo_carcoop: Vote now to elect 3 directors; but there's no online campaign forum

Vancouver's Modo The Car Co-op members are voting in the annual election of directors from January 4 through January 22. We will choose 3 of these 5 candidates:
  • Aaron Burns
  • Arpal Dosanjh
  • Joel DeYoung
  • Simon Abou-Attoun
  • William Azaroff
I thank all five for offering to serve as directors of our co-op!

This year, Modo has launched online voting for the first time, an important step forward now that we have grown beyond 9,000 members. Each candidate has written a few paragraphs about themselves, and made a 2-minute video -- see

It's great that busy members need not attend the AGM to vote, and we now have time for informed comparison of candidates. Unfortunately, there's not enough online support for informed comparison of candidates. We should have a campaign forum, linked from the election page, where members can ask candidates questions and discuss their answers. For example, see the director election campaign forum at Canadian Internet Registration Authority.

How about setting that up for next year?

The Modo AGM on January 22 should be fun. Free registration; all are welcome; only members can vote:
  • Co-op Fair 6-7pm: Meet other local co-ops (500 Granville St)
  • AGM 7-9pm: Complete the director election process (500 Granville St)
  • After-Party 8:30pm-midnight: Enjoy! (200 - 470 Granville St)
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Mark Latham said...

Thanks for these positive responses on Twitter:

2014-01-06 Modo The Car Co-op ‏@modo_carcoop:
@votermedia That's a great idea to have a candidates forum, Mark. Let's explore the options once we get thru this 1st electronic election!

2014-01-07 Alan Woodland ‏@arcwoodland [Modo Director]:
@votermedia Thanks. We will definitely take this under advisement @joeldey