Thursday, September 22, 2016

CIRA Board Election: Who I'm voting for & why

Voting just started today in the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) board election. I currently plan to vote for these candidates:
Members' Slate:
- Frank Michlick

Nomination Committee Slate:
- Lee Dale
- Rowena Liang
- my third choice not decided yet
All candidates' info is linked from this CIRA page. Voting ends next Thursday (Sept 29) at noon Pacific time. I will update this post if I change my choices. If you're a CIRA member, you should receive an email from CIRA today with a link to their voting page.

As when I posted on last year's election: "My research is not very deep, but there seems to be a lack of candidate assessments available online, so I'm trying to help fill that gap."

This year, my voting is based mainly on the online Campaign Forum, where some important issues were debated. I think accountability of the board to the membership and to the Canadian internet community is crucial, so I paid close attention to these two threads:

- CIRA as a Membership Based Organization

- Changing CIRA's Board Selection Process

I welcome your comments, advice, info etc!


Frank Michlick said...

Thank you for your support!

Unknown said...

Hi Mark.

Thanks for your support and for being so engaged. The items you've noted on the forum and archived here on your blog are all great points of consideration. I'm looking forward to learning more about the underpinnings of the site and specific structure that's led to some of the fractured, temporary, and difficult to navigate site decisions and membership stipulations to see what we can do to make improvements in these areas.

As a practical example you're all too familiar with: my password app shows 8 entries for CIRA. That's not manageable for anyone.

Mark Latham said...

CIRA board election results were published today at

Elected from members' slate: Louise Macdonald

Elected from nom-com slate:
- Rob Villeneuve
- Rowena Liang
- Alex Beraskow

All for 3-year terms through 2019.
Congrats; and thank you to all candidates for running!